Have you ever heard of bailouts? This is often used as a solution for those who are entangled in credit card debt. Usually this service is used because the debtor / owner of the credit card is already so scared that the loan is in arrears. Generally they use bailout funds so they are not pursued by debt collectors.

But is it true that using bailouts is the right step for those who are caught in credit card debt? Let’s find out through comparison in this article:



Leave a Credit Card

Usually the total usage of the customer’s credit card will be paid in advance to the bank until paid off. One of the requirements is that the customer must deposit his credit card with the bailout party. Of course, in terms of security, you can say it’s not good. Credit cards that are not maintained and kept by their owners have the potential to be used by other irresponsible parties. If only the card is properly used by irresponsible individuals, then there is a possibility that the amount of debt held by the customer will increase and harm it. Instead of being freed, it can even become more and more entangled in credit card debt.

Dig Hole Cover Hole?

Technically, the customer’s name is guaranteed by BI’s blacklist, because there is no arrears. This also results in no debt collector from the bank chasing them. However, one thing that is actually not realized, customers who use bailouts are actually hoarding debts to other parties. Simply put, they only move debts from the bank, to the bailout party, with interest that is certainly bigger.

Every month they have to try to pay in installments to pay off the total credit card usage that has been paid by the credit card bailout party. Not to mention the large interest that could be burdensome to customers, making them have increasing total debt. If you think this is the process of digging a hole close the hole, then you are wrong. Customers are constantly digging into debt holes without closing it.

Negotiation Services / Credit Card Mediation

Negotiation Services / Credit Card Mediation

As with the bailout, debt negotiation / credit card mediation services provide another solution for them who got caught up in credit card debt. Negotiation services will take care of the entire negotiation process so that customers can get relief from the bank, in order to be able to pay off debts that are still in arrears. You can use this option if you do not understand about the process being passed in negotiations, and do not really understand the tricks in negotiating with the bank. Here we provide some reasons why using a credit card negotiation / mediation service is the right step for you:

Credit Card Security is Guaranteed

You do not need to leave the credit card to the negotiation service. Customers can store their own credit cards until they cut the credit card for the card closing process. Negotiation services can guarantee the security of credit card owners to avoid fraud that might occur. All results of negotiations that come out are based on the results of negotiations between negotiating services with the bank, and with the customer’s approval as well. While the results of the negotiations are running, you can focus on 100% looking for funds to be able to pay off debt, so that concentration does not need to be divided.

No Need to Dig a Hole Cover Hole

You will be 100% free of debt if you are able to pay off the relief program based on the results of negotiations. All results of the decisions that come out are purely based on the results of negotiations with the bank and with the agreement of both parties (customers and the bank). In addition, you can still be free from BI’s blacklist if you make payments according to payment until it’s finished.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Negotiation / Mediation Services

One thing that needs to be known, although it tends to be more trustworthy, customers must also be careful in choosing which negotiation / mediation services are entrusted to solve their debt problems. In order not to be deceived, the customer must see whether the following points are in the value carried out by the service company:

  1. It does not promise that customers can be debt free without paying a dime to the bank.
  2. Do not ask for a service fee in advance, but the payment is made after the results of the negotiations come out, and agreed by both the customer and the bank, even the customer gets a Lunas Letter (as long as the customer makes a payment in accordance with the bank)
  3. If there is a deposit fee requested in advance, make sure the fee can be returned if there are no negotiations within the specified time period.
  4. Check the official website and official social media account, make sure it looks professional and promising.
  5. Check the telephone number provided, do you have a toll-free number and make sure the service provided is friendly and competent when answering your telephone. Don’t trust mobile numbers, because credibility is questionable if there is no official telephone number.
  6. Make sure you have a complete and clear office address, even better if you can contact the office and see first hand how professional the service is from its employees.
  7. Check whether the mediation / negotiation services have been registered in a trusted system, and are accredited by international organizations such as IAPDA.

One of the trusted credit card / KTA debt negotiation / mediation services is PT Jim Hawkins International Indonesia.

Jim Hawkins international is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. Jim Hawkins Indonesia helps clients through debt management programs, specifically designed to suit different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. Jim Hawkins Indonesia headquarters was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in the financial sector including debt settlement for more than two decades. Jim Hawkins made Indonesia the center of operations as well as a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Jim Hawkins Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to get   accreditation from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators ( IAPDA ).