42% of Hungarians live in non-owner-occupied homes, with nearly half of those living with their parents and half living in subletting. As a result, 14% of the adult population is sub-tenants, according to a survey of the Good Finance population, which deals with home ownership. 19% of non-property owners live in a flat, house of their spouse, partner, sibling or other person, and a proportion of 3% who live in other places, such as a dormitory, a worker’s home. The sublease is most popular in the capital and the county seats.

The higher educated and the less educated have more tenants

Than those who have left the upper secondary. The monthly installment on a home loan is the same as the average monthly rent.
A total of 9% of those who live in sublease are the proportion of those who live in a sublease and would like to live in a sublease for even longer. Most would soon move to their own homes, but 50% of them could not do so immediately because of their financial means.

Interestingly, according to a representative survey by Good Finance, homeowners spend an average of $ 55,000 a month on repayments, which is less than the average monthly rent of $ 56,000 excluding overheads. However, in many cases, the average rent can exceed HUF 70000, so for those who want a home from their rented home, a more advantageous solution is the home loan, whose monthly repayment details are well below the average amount paid for the Hungarian sublease. With the help of fixed and favorable government subsidies, a loan from a home savings fund is a good choice for those who want to own a home because the loan amount can be obtained at the time of opening LTP or later, so this arrangement can be tailored to the customer’s situation.

Average monthly rentals vary significantly depending on the location


Of the property and show smaller or greater differences. The average of the central, inner districts is the highest (71 thousand HUF / month), followed by the western (50 thousand HUF / month) and the eastern part (43 thousand HUF / month).

It is important to note, however, that these are often not the full rent of the apartment, as in many cases, especially for young people, more people rent the property together.

Based on the results of the surveys

It can be said that the amount paid for the sublease increases with the household income: in the low income group the average monthly rent in Hungary is HUF 39,000, in the middle and high income groups it is HUF 58,000 and 77,000.
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