Angelica Ross praises internet detectors after alerting her that her new boyfriend is a liar, cheater and fraud, saving her from a world of suffering.

It all started on Wednesday when the Pose The actress tweeted that she recently met a guy she really, really loved and was disappointed that social distancing kept them apart.

“I have finally found him and I have to distance myself from him, a first test that we are committed to passing,” she wrote.

It is a feeling that many are experiencing right now. This whole quarantine issue is testing many people’s commitments to each other.

But after posting photos of her new boyfriend, the internet did its job of trying to figure out who the mystery was.

It turns out he’s engaged … to the mother of his child.

Ross posted a follow-up tweet on Thursday saying she had been talking to her boyfriend’s fiancé since learning he was cheating on them both.

The internet is amazing. I talked to the mother about her son and her fiancé all morning. #Bouncing! ” she wrote.

Afterward, Ross said she plans to do a live Instagram broadcast to spill all the tea.

“I think I might just spill the whole tea on my live IG tonight. With a bottle of …[insert sponsored drink]She tweeted.

But after giving it a little more thought, she decided to take the high road and not blow up her ex-boyfriend now.

“After talking with my daughter @KingAmiyahScott, I realize that I am not in a position to go LIVE on my IG tonight. I’ll pray about it instead, ”she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

At least she doesn’t have to worry about accidentally bumping into him any time soon.

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