Jon Jones is no stranger to personal issues, but that hasn’t stopped him from reporting those of Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson that day two years ago. Here’s a look back at our story published that day two years ago that documented this unexpected clash. The following article is presented to you in its original and unchanged form.


Jon Jones responded to Tony Ferguson’s remarks by focusing on his personal issues.

Jones has been the target of many verbal arguments for years, but he was surprised when Ferguson took aim. “El Cucuy” is a lightweight, who many believe deserves the next 155-pound UFC title. The number one ranked UFC lightweight took to Twitter and challenged Jones.

“Lots of shit talk [Jon Jones]. Want to replay like we did in college? I increased two weight classes and will I do it again? Growth. You wanna play chess, I’ll be your Huckleberry. Got in 2 Neanderthals, talked to your pops, he knows who the champion is. # Ankle kick # DavidVSGoliath ”

Jones responded by addressing Ferguson’s personal issues in a now-deleted tweet.

“Wait, when did that beef start !? I thought we were cool !! Are you feeling suicidal Tony?

In March, Ferguson’s wife filed an injunction against him. This was not due to physical abuse, but rather in the hope of helping Ferguson after exhibiting “erratic behavior”. Many were concerned about Ferguson’s mental health, but his wife dropped the restraining order in April and Ferguson made a successful return to UFC 238 with a TKO victory over Donald Cerrone.

Jones went on to say he didn’t understand why Ferguson called him and claimed the two were discussing the possibility of training together.

“Lol no, that’s why this is all so confusing to me. The last time I spoke to Tony, we were texting each other about a possible practice. It’s probably just a publicity stunt.

In another deleted tweet, Jones apologized for his comments.

“I certainly should have used a better choice of words, deleted that last tweet.” My fault, I’m sorry guys.

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