A year of loyalty and dedication from the Hong Kong artistic community Pandemic The challenges started to bear fruit in April. exposure And Gallery The event began to flood the newspaper again. 22 april Asian art archive (AAA) Open Portals, stories and other journeysAn exhibition inspired by the vast personal archives of Hong Kong artist Ha Bikchuen at Odate Toyo Until August 1st.

Organized by former AAA researcher Michelle Wong, the exhibit features 10 “sets” that together showcase the evolution of Hong Kong culture and history. Five of the ensembles present new works by artists Banu Cennetoğlu, Kwan Sheung-chi, Lam Wing-sze, Raqs Media Collective and Walid Raad, respectively, who have been commissioned to produce works related to the Ha archives.

Portals, stories and other journeys It was an epic journey that began, stopping with each wave of the pandemic. ” Claire sue, co-founder and general secretary of AAA, a packed house for art lovers and opening remarks to Ha’s sons and daughters, Alex Ha and Dorothy Ha.

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“I am really happy to share this with you on the occasion of AAA’s 20th anniversary. Over the past seven years, we have digitized and believed in the HaBik-chuen Archives, which record the development of contemporary art in the city for over 50 years. He made access to an incredible treasure. He believed in the need to archive not only for art history, research and education, but also for their creative potential. This exhibition was a city trip and a long term job. “

Self-taught Ha was known for his prints, sculptures, collage books, and prominent photographers. The archives he left after his death in 2009 contain personal documents from exhibitions he attended in the 1960s and 2000s, in the form of negatives, contact sheets, magazines and photo albums. Ha’s extensive archive of works represent colorful paintings of Hong Kong’s cultural history through extensive collection and organization methods that blur the line between documentation and art.

In the next room, another exhibition, Ink cityOrganized by Catherine Don and Tobias Berger from Odate Toyo, it opened at the same time. Frog kingAlso known as Quoc Manho, in a remarkable performance of tapping kitchen dishes with a wooden spoon, weaving between works of art on display, including paintings by local stars such as Wilson She and Lamb Tung. Amused in the Room – an installation by Pan, the late Luis Chan and Frog King himself. The night celebrated Hong Kong’s handcrafted creativity, and at least for a while, the city felt like it was returning to normal.

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Asian Art Archives organize exhibition at Odate Todai

Asian Art Archives organize exhibition at Odate Todai