The Butler County Area Foundation Fund recently awarded nearly $ 33,000 in grants to 13 different groups in Butler County.

BCAFF President Kent Clymer said the fund donated nearly $ 30,000 in one go, but in combination with a recently announced donation to the Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, it’s the most money that the organization has ever given at once.

Clymer said a matching grant program and fundraising supported by the Nebraska Community Foundation and the Sherwood Foundation helped the BCAFF build its unrestricted endowment.

“Once we have received all this money and it goes into the account, we only use a portion of the interest – there is only a limited amount that we can withdraw each year,” said Clymer said. “… Things took off and … it was the perfect storm for us.”

A November 16 press release from the BCAFF explained the group’s goal of supporting public and private services in the community.

“The purpose of these grants is to provide funding for community projects that will improve the long-term success and quality of life of the community,” the statement said.

This time around, the top four grants – each of at least $ 4,000 – went to the Holy Family Early Learning Center, 622 J St. in David City; David City Public Schools (DCPS), 750 D St. in David City; the Fidelity Lodge Charitable Foundation and the Friends of David City.

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Holy Family Early Learning Center – a licensed Christian daycare for infants as young as 6 weeks old – will use its $ 5,000 grant for additional classrooms as the center works to finish its basement.

Another grant of $ 5,000 went to DCPS, and that money will be used for a greenhouse.

The Fidelity Lodge Charitable Foundation will use its $ 7,500 BCAFF grant to purchase audiovisual and computer equipment for a community hall. The community hall will be inside the Lodge’s new location on E Street, which is currently undergoing renovations.

Friends of David City’s $ 4,000 will support the band’s Music in the Park events, as well as the construction of a covered patio for the ongoing Jaycee / Purple Park improvement project.

“The equipment (at the park) is delayed for a month, so we’re looking at mid-December right now,” Deb Dinkelman, president of Friends of David City, said in a Nov. 14 email to Banner- Press. “It’s a bad time of year, we are just planning to install the equipment in early spring now.”

Another BCAFF grant of $ 500 to the David City Rotary Club will help pay for the trees in Jaycee / Purple Park. Many of the BCAFF grants were smaller, like the Rotary Club grant, but were still worth hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars. For example, Aquinas Catholic Elementary School received $ 1,250 to help pay for fencing for an outdoor classroom. Meanwhile, the Rising City Community Improvement Fund received $ 1,500 to help pay for the new Garhan Park benches in Rising City.

Right now, Clymer said, it looks like the BCAFF will be able to distribute the same amount of money for its next round of grants in the fall of 2022.

“We’re really excited to put this money back into Butler County and see people using it in the communities,” Clymer said. “… They have the funds and the money we can give them allows them to take the plunge. … We don’t start a lot of projects, but we help a lot of people complete projects. “

Molly Hunter is a reporter for The Banner-Press. Contact her by email at [email protected]