Image by blinkofaneye on Flickr; Creative Commons license.

By Paul Kiefer

Seattle Police Acting Chief Adrian Diaz on Friday announced in a blog post that he had fired Officers Alexander Everett and Caitlin Rochelle for violating departmental policy and federal law by entering the field. from the United States Capitol on January 6, 2020 as insurgents stormed the legislative chambers. inside.

Using video evidence provided by the FBI, Seattle Office of Police Accountability (OPA) investigators were able to place Everett and Rochelle on the steps of the Capitol as rioters clashed with nearby police. Although Everett and Rochelle told investigators they did not know they were entering a restricted area, neither the OPA nor Diaz were convinced; in his Friday letter, Diaz wrote that “it is beyond absurd to suggest that they didn’t know they were in an area where they shouldn’t be, in the midst of what was already a violent criminal riot “.

But Everett and Rochelle – a married couple – were just two of six officers from the Seattle Police Department who traveled to Washington, DC to attend former President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally that preceded it. the attack on the Capitol. OPA investigators were able to place three of the officers elsewhere in the city during the attack. Although the fourth officer told investigators he was not present during the attack, neither the OPA nor the FBI could corroborate his claim; investigators did not rule out the possibility that he trespassed on federal property.

Although Diaz chose not to discipline the other four officers who attended the rally, some members of the Seattle City Council and Community Policing Commission argued that attendance at the rally was grounds for firing the six. “I don’t understand how we can make any decisions other than those that were there to boost what these people did to storm the Capitol,” CPC executive director Brandy Grant said in a statement. committee meeting in January. continue reading “The chief of police fires two agents who entered the Capitol during the attack of January 6” →