Watertown recently announced the recipients of its 2020

employee recognition awards.

The winners were rewarded with surprise visits by the awards committee in April. A video of the visits was recorded and shared online.

All city employees and city council members were rewarded with a thank you package including small gifts.

Staff who retired in 2020 and those who reached five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service milestones received additional recognition.

Here are the winners:

Employee of the Year: Jenny Elbert, Parks, Department of Recreation and Forestry,

Prairie Lakes Wellness Center, was honored for its service to others and dedication to


Rookie of the Year: Marci Lewno, Department of Public Works, Engineering Division,

an employee who has served the city for less than three years but who has already made significant contributions.

Mentor Award: Angie Schaefer, 911 Center, Police Department, encouraging and supporting others, helping them to reach their potential.

Caregiver Award: Steve Rehorst, Police Department, Beyond the Call of Duty

to take care of the less fortunate.

Creativity Award: Fire Department, as a unit, think outside the box to find

creative solutions to challenges.

One-In-A-Million Prize: Josh Volkart, Library, overcoming challenges and

difficulties in providing exceptional service with limited resources.

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