The Cobb Board of Education will meet on Thursday afternoon for its 2022 organizational meeting.

Board members will vote to determine who will serve as president and vice-president during the year, as well as to set the meeting schedule.

Thursday’s meeting begins at 1 p.m. in the boardroom of the Cobb County School District Central Office (514 Glover St., Marietta).

The agenda of the meeting can be found here; the debates will also be broadcast live on the neighborhood BoxCast channel and on CobbEdTV, Comcast Channel 24.

Unlike regular public school board meetings, there will be no public comment period during the organizational meeting.

But that could be contentious, given the partisan division of the school board over the past three years.

Each year, the board of directors votes a chairman, who must be a different person from the previous year, and a vice-chairman.

They chair the meetings and the chair represents the board in an official capacity.

The president also has the power to unilaterally place board business on the agenda of meetings, as does Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.

Republicans hold a 4-3 majority, and although members of the Democratic minority have offered each other for leadership positions, they never got a GOP vote.

The 2021 chairman was Republican Randy Scamihorn of Post 1 in North Cobb, who by board policy cannot succeed.

Last year, he was at the center of several controversies that involved procedures and votes at board meetings.

The first Cobb School Board meetings of 2022, if passed on Thursday, will be on January 20.

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