We reached out to the Cobb County School District for a response to the anti-Semitic incidents that took place at Pope High School and Lassiter High School last week.

Cobb East News specifically asked if the district would respond more broadly than the separate surveys taking place in each school.

Here’s what a district spokesperson sent to Cobb East News by email:

“A recent disturbing trend in social media involving hate speech is unacceptable and distracts attention from the ability of our teachers and students to focus on teaching and learning. Our principals engage with students, teachers, parents and community members on how to prevent harmful and illegal behavior from occurring. There is zero tolerance for actions that harm individual students, groups of people, or the school building, and all applicable district policies and laws will be enforced.

“We encourage families to talk to their students about the impacts of inappropriate and dangerous trends circulating on social media. Parents, students or staff can report safety concerns to the District signage line by call, SMS or e-mail.

The statement is identical to what was sent to Atlanta Journal-Constitution Wednesday.

Cobb’s school board meetings scheduled for Thursday are delayed by a week due to Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

Rabbi Larry Sernovitz of the Kol Emeth Temple in East Cobb and the Atlanta office of the Anti-Defamation League called the district’s response to the Pope’s incident inadequate.

This was before the Lassiter incident which was announced on Wednesday, just as Yom Kippur was due to begin, and which ended on Thursday.

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