Acclaimed and Trusted Media Elevates, Strengthens and Amplifies Black Voices

SEATTLE, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seattle Black-based and Black-owned media powerhouse Converge Media received the coveted Governor’s Award Saturday night at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Northwest’s annual ceremony.

The Governor’s Award, reserved for special recognition outside of the Chapter’s regular awards structure, is given to those who have greatly influenced or changed the landscape of the industry, was unanimously approved by the Board of administration of NATAS NW.

Founder and CEO of Converge Media (Chief Executive Officer), Omari Salisburyaccepted the award on behalf of the company’s diverse staff and talented content creators, followed by a short, impassioned speech.

“You don’t have to be black to elevate black stories,” Salisbury said. “You don’t need to share skin tone or lived experience; you only need to share purpose.”

Converge Media is the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most prominent producer of original black video. The company creates culturally compassionate content suitable for black and urban audiences, including local, community, entertainment and sports news. The company currently produces 15 programs on topics ranging from current affairs, The day with Traehosted by TraeAnna Holiday, to love and relationships like really unruly featuring former Seattle Seahawks Marcus Trufant and his wife Jessica.

“The NATAS NW Board of Governors recognizes Converge Media for their tireless work to uplift underrepresented communities with culturally compassionate content across the Northwest and their courageous and unwavering journalism,” said Brian Callahanmember of the Board of Governors of NATAS NW.

In 2021, the washington state The Association for Justice presented Converge Media with the Journalism Award honoring a reporting organization (traditional or new media) whose reporting, commentary or editorial promotes public understanding of the law and encourages the protection of consumers, aggrieved persons and of the civil justice system.

Salisbury, a seasoned global media executive, has spent much of his career working in emerging markets through Africa, Asiaand the Middle East before returning to his hometown Seattle in 2016 with a sharp vision to launch a content creation, distribution and marketing platform to serve black content creators across the Pacific Northwest. In 2020, Converge Media and its Morning Update Show have become household names in the Emerald City and international sensations around the world for their nearly 24/7 coverage of the Seattle protests.

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