AUGUSTA – Cony High School presented awards, prizes and scholarships to the Class of 2021 at the Cony Awards Assemblies, Class Day, and Capital Region Tech Center Appreciation Day.

Cony Award Assemblies and class day
Alice Reynolds Scholarship: Alicia Groves
Alison Rollins Lucas Scholarship: Jacob Harris
Arion Music Award for Deserving Band Member: Erin Richardson
Arion Music Award for Deserving Choir Member: Brooklynn Merrill
Arlene Lipman Memorial Scholarship to Cony Middle School’s Highest Graduate: Tessa Jorgensen
Anastasia Schneider Memorial Fund for Musical Talent and Achievement – (seven) recipients: Dylan Begley, Dawn Haynes, Shayn Huelsbeck, Leah Mastrianno, Brooklynn Merrill, Erin Richardson, Hannah Richardson
Athletic Watch Award for seniors who have received nine or more college letters – (14) awarded: Mandy Cooper, Kiara Henry, Amanda Jorgensen, Tessa Jorgensen, Adrianna Morley, Anna Reny, Julia Reny, Hannah Richardson, Elijah Bezanson,
Jack Begin, Kyle Douin, Casey Gallant, Riley Geyer, Quincy Tobias
Augusta Elks Lodge 964 Scholarship: Casey Gallant, Duncan Hayes
Aveda Institute Maine scholarship: Emilie Naborowsky
B. Louise Davis Webber Art Grant: Olivia Hallee
Barbara Hughes Hanson Memorial Scholarship: Hunter Davis
Bethlehem Lodge 35 Bursary AF & AM: Wyatt Green
Bulldog Strong Foundation Scholarship: Julia Reny
Butch Champagne Memorial Scholarship: Andre Campbell
Calumet Education and Literature Foundation – Maureen Redman Rodrigue Memorial Scholarship – (two) awarded: Danielle Haines, Catelynn Fairbrother-White
Calumet Foundation for Education and Literature – in memory of Arnold Selwood: Mandy Cooper
Charles McGrail Scholarship: Nathan Lefebre
Chelsea PTA-John Bernier Memorial Scholarship: Jack Begin
Chrisanne Burns Memorial Scholarship: Julia Reny
Class of 1943 scholarship: Cameron MacLean
Coach Kenney Cony’s Honorary Ice Hockey Leadership Scholarship: Cooper Swan
Cony High School Scholarship – (eight) awarded: Sierra Clark, Andrew Gousse Wyatt Green, Duncan Hayes, Justin Pare, Thikumporn Sopasiri, Robert Stolt, Cadence Willey
Cony Family Fund Scholarship: Sierra Clark
EA Hussey Award – (two) awarded: Maisie Bechard, Kyle Douin
E. Jean Andrews Scholarship in memory of E. Jean and John Andrews – (two) awarded: Abbie Fielding, Riley Geyer
Ebbie S. Brooks Award: Eric McDonnell
Edward E. Gage Family Scholarship Trust Fund – (four) awarded: Kyle Douin, Eric McDonnell, Jack Rodrigue, Daraun White
Edward I. Albling Math Prize: Kyle Douin
Edwards Dam Scholarship: Jack Begin
Elinor Newman and Ernest S. Grant Award for Mathematics – (two) awarded: Tessa Jorgensen, Jack Begin
Elsie & William Viles Foundation Scholarship – for outstanding character and academic ability attending college or university in Maine: Elijah Bezanson
Emmanuel Lutheran Episcopal Church scholarship: Bethany Lyon
Esther Dachslager Scholarship: Abbie Fielding
Ethel J. Viles Scholarship: Grace Rodrigue
Evelyn Norton and Priscilla F. Wilkins Scholarship Fund: Tasha Geroux
Maine Foreign Language Association (FLAME) Award: Amanda Jorgensen, Tessa Jorgensen
Frank Hewins Jr Award: Brooklynn Merrill
Gardiner Federal Credit Union: Jack Begin
Geoffrey Brown Book Prize: Kyle Douin, Margaret Tyce
Hawes / Jones Family Scholarship Fund: Abigail McLaughlin
Hussey Elementary School Alumni Scholarship – (two) awarded: Hunter Davis, Erin Richardson
Jerome H. Barnett Award: Riley Geyer
John Manter Prize – (two) awarded: Tessa Jorgensen, Isaac Gammon
Jon Crockett Memorial Scholarship: Cooper Swan
Joshua Adam Wilson Memorial Scholarship: Kiara Henry
Kennebec Behavioral Health Scholarship: Hannah Richardson
Kiwanis Club of Augusta Scholarship – (two) awarded: Amanda Jorgensen, Tessa Jorgensen
Kiwanis Key Club Scholarship: Jack Begin
Lawrence Harold Leighton Memorial Scholarship: Jake Emond
Lawrence Soule Memorial Scholarship: Colin Manning
Lillian Sherburne Scholarship: Vanessa Woods
Lisa J. Turgeon Memorial Scholarship – (four) awarded: Morgan Henderson, Camden Kinsey, Bethany Lyon, Anna Reny
Liyanage-Don Family Memorial Scholarship – (two) awarded: Isabella Jollotta, Hunter Davis
Lou Ochmanski scholarship: Daraun White
Mabel A. Richmond Award: Elijah Bezanson
Mabel Thompson Art Award: Olivia Hallee
Maine Directors’ Award: Jack Begin
Maine Residents ‘Council Veterans’ Home Scholarship: Justin Pare
Mallary Dulac Memorial Scholarship – (two) awarded: Taryn Crummett, Kiara Henry
Mary O’Connell Memorial Scholarship: Michael Ferrell
Maynard “Bob” Memorial Scholarship for Youth: Julia Reny
Melanie Ann Cote Scholarship: Theresa Towle
Meylon Grant Kenney Honorary Academic and Sports Excellence Scholarship – (two) awarded: Anna Reny, Julia Reny
Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute 2021 Mitchell Scholarship: Mandy Cooper
National School Choral Award: Brooklynn Merrill
New FCU Dimensions: Jack Begin
Nora E. Jackson Scholarship Fund: Hunter Davis
Peter L. Dionne Memorial Scholarship – (two) awarded: Eric McDonnell, Jack Rodrigue
Philippe E. Michaud Distinguished Service Award: Brooklynn Merrill
Richard McGuire Scholarship: Kyle Douin
Richard Moreau Memorial Soccer Bursary – (two) awarded: Amanda Jorgensen, Isaac Gammon
Robert P. Cooper Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Geneseo
Robert P. and Gladys M. Sawyer Memorial Scholarship – (two) awarded: Dylan Begley, Cooper Swan
Robert Wing – American Awards Scholarship: Nathan Lefebre
Ronald “Hoppy” Hopkins Memorial Scholarship: Kyle Douin
Sandra Lipman Art Grant: Madeline Levesque
Scot Laliberte Memorial Scholarship: Casey Gallant
Skowhegan Savings Bank: Hunter Davis, Jack Begin
Spanish Book Prize: Eric McDonnell
Spanish club scholarship: Kyle Douin
Tardiff / Fine scholarship: Madeline Levesque
Theresa Brannigan Prize: Kiara Henry
Thomas E. Phillips Scholarship Fund – (two) awarded: Taryn Crummett, Madeline Levesque
Tri-Athlete Awards – (two) awarded: Jack Begin, Kyle Douin, Casey Gallant, Jacob Harris, Kiara Henry, Dominic Kibbin-Tamburo, Nate Lefebre, Julia Reny
Tyler / Grandmaison MELMAC scholarship: Mandy Cooper
United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award – (two) awarded: Madeline Levesque, Jack Rodrigue
United States Marine Corps Academic Achievement Award – (two) awarded: Tessa Jorgensen, Elijah Bezanson
United States Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Awards for Musical Excellence – (two) awarded: Erin Richardson, Raeven McNulty
William H. and Allie M. Garside English Prize – (two) awarded: Leah Mastrianno, Dylan Begley
William & Elsie Peavey Scholarship: Ashlan Peacock

Capital Region Technical Center Appreciation Day
Graphic Design Fund Grant: Taryn Crummett
Graphic Design Fund Tool Award: Harley Spencer
Graham Nye CATC Scholarship: Taryn Crummett
Mark Scott Memorial Activity Fund Scholarship: Isaac Gammon
Calumet Educational & Literary Foundation Inc. – CATC Grant: Danielle Haines
Theodore Rhoades Memorial Scholarship – (four) awarded: Taryn Crummett, Casey Gallant, Madeline Levesque, Ashlan Peacock
Early Childhood Education Fund Scholarship – (two) awarded: Tasha Geroux, Danielle Haines
EMBARK Scholarship – (three) awarded: Alicia Groves, Adrianna Morley, Ashlan Peacock
Instructor’s Choice Scholarship – (Seven) Awarded: Ryan Davis, Jackson Fifield, Brady Lucas, Bethany Lyon, Adrianna Morley, Ashlan Peacock, Zakkary Roy
Fire Fighting Tool Award: Zakkary Roy
Town Fair Tire Foundation Toolship Award – (two) awarded: Brady Lucas, Zakkary Roy
Tyler Grandmaison MELMAC Activity Fund scholarship: Isaac Gammon

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