GREAT VALLEY at Ellicottville Central School Superintendent Patricia Haynes, school board members and residents took another opportunity to tour the new wing of the middle school Tuesday evening.

The school board had toured the 14,500-square-foot wing, completed about a month ago, after a previous meeting. Residents who attended a sports banquet on March 17 also had the opportunity to view the facilities.

In addition to having the chance to see the classrooms, visitors were able to see a skit presented by the Odyssey of the Mind team which will participate in the global competition in May. Part of the team’s mission during the contest will be to tell a story in three different time periods, using three different methods of communication (primitive, evolved and futuristic).

The OM team will also incorporate a land process into the sketch. The team will use the water cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

The next part of the $6.35 million capital project is the demolition and renovation of the high school area. The new high school neighborhood will be similar to middle school, with larger classrooms and larger lockers for students. The renovated high school area will also include two science labs, a computer lab and a media center, said school board chairman Steve Crowley.