August 6, 2012 — The Cedar Rivers Gang claimed victory at the seventh annual Dragon Boat Festival in Bemidji. The team, which came to the tournament from Iowa, beat the HydraHeads in the final race by nearly a second and a half to earn them gold. This is the team’s second victory, the first dating back to 2009.

August 6, 1997 — The United Parcel Service nationwide strike has reached Bemidji, where 23 local employees and members of Local 346 are taking part and picketing outside the center. Across the country, more than 185,000 union members are taking part in the strike, demanding higher wages and better conditions.

August 6, 1972 — More than 1,000 children participated in Bemidji’s summer recreational programs, which ranged from swimming lessons to gymnastics. At the end of the summer, approximately 587 children demonstrated their new skills in front of an audience of over 300 people, showing off stunts, dances and other talents.

August 6, 1922 — A particular incident left a young man injured, but he is expected to make a full recovery. A friend was driving with the young man when he heard a loud noise, he turned around and saw that his friend had a gun and a bullet in his chest. “Oh, it exploded,” he said, before being rushed to a doctor.