July 23, 2012 — A landowner is fighting the Township of Helga over a fine for failing to apply for an excavation permit to clear his pasture land. Doug Crosby has hired a construction company to dig and remove rocks from the site, but his lack of a permit could cost him $2,300 if his lawsuit fails.

July 23, 1997 — An information meeting was held on the proposed construction of two new schools in the Bemidji School District, which will replace Bemidji High School and Lincoln Elementary School. The current buildings are the oldest still in operation in the district, 75 and 81 years old respectively.

July 23, 1972 –Daryl Knoer’s insurance on Bemidji Avenue was broken into over the weekend, a discovery made when the company secretary found the office in ruins on Monday morning. Over $350 in cash and $1,000 in checks were stolen. Knoer asks his customers to come with receipts because records of their transactions have disappeared.

July 23, 1922 — Bemidji is seeking to acquire two moose for the Diamond Point Park Zoological Gardens, which currently houses a single male deer. There is interest in bringing more wild game to the park, and residents believe people would drive over 100 miles to Bemidji to see a pair of moose.