July 30, 2012 — The music professor at Bemidji Del Lyren State University was able to tour with the Dave Matthews Band for three days, as part of his research for an article to be published in the International Trumpet Guild on the life of a rockstar trumpeter. Lyren followed the group in almost all of their activities.

July 30, 1997 — Farden Township in Hubbard County will have its own police station, after the county council agreed to build a small law enforcement center for $40,000 in Farden Park, just west of Cass Lake. The center will house deputies, state troopers and conservation officers, and give them a place to base their work.

July 30, 1972 — The Neighborhood Youth Corps keeps local teens busy over the summer, providing 211 area youth with jobs and work experience. The teens work 26 hours a week at various businesses and are paid $1.60 an hour, which is covered by NYC. The program is in its fifth year and hopes to continue for many more years.

July 30, 1922 — A series of free children’s clinics will be held in many towns in Beltrami County, where parents can bring their babies and children for a medical examination by Dr. WA Rupe of Minneapolis, thanks to a public health sponsorship of South Beltrami County. Association.