“Everybody’s stepping…we don’t want anybody dying here,” Taylor Hanson said.

From then on, the only discomfort was caused by the pitch of the screams once the blond trio, dressed in simple pants and culottes with their hair in a ponytail, launched into their first song, ‘ Magdalene’.

The band, with Isaac on acoustic guitar, Taylor on tambourine and Zachary shaking a maraca, performed three more songs – “The Man from Milwaukee”, “A Minute Without You” and its hit “MMMBop”.

Tears flowed as each girl spoke the words and jumped to the beat.

Their dedication was rewarded with an encore of a perfectly harmonized a cappella rendition of ‘MMMBop’ – and then the idols were gone.


It was too much for distraught Greenvale youngster Erin Nelson, 14.

“I want Zac back – why can’t they ask them back?” she pleaded.

St. John Ambulance treated 48 people for minor complaints. “I think for most of them it was just hysteria,” a spokeswoman said.

“It was a very young age group and they were a bit overwhelmed with hyperventilation or just fatigue and emotion.

“Most of them we just sat them down and once they stopped crying they were fine.”

Two people were taken to hospital, one with a back injury, the other with a possible concussion.

About thirty people had slept the night in the parking lot to secure a place of choice.

Mrs Lee Stevens, her daughter Tiffany, 11, and her friends Brad Osborne, 13, and her sister Rebecca. 11, from Laverton, slept in sleeping bags and on blankets near the stage.

Ms Stevens said: “My daughter said, ‘I have to go, I have to come up front, I have to see them’.


“And I said yes, without hesitation. It’s like the Beatles and Elvis, or Skyhooks, when I was young. If a mother can’t make her child’s dream come true, who can?

The crowd started to build at 5am. By 11 a.m., with Hanson expected, he stretched the length of the parking garage on the west side of the mall.

The event was to take place in the mall, but security concerns prompted Southland management to hold it in the parking lot.

The group Hanson made their mark on the rock music charts in May with “MMMBop”. Although her words had no apparent meaning, the catchy tune hooked fans around the world.

According to the Australian Record Industry Association, “MMMBop” topped the singles chart for nine weeks before dropping to second place last week.

“MMMBop” has reportedly sold over 140,000 copies in Australia since its May 19 release.