Every day something “new” is given to the museum. Last week an envelope arrived in the mail filled with newspaper clippings recorded by former columnist Paul Flinn. What a treasure!

An excerpt from the Spokesman-Review, dated December 23, 1958, is a story written by Nelle Portrey Davis titled “Wilderness Home”. She weaves a story about Mr. and Mrs. FL Danquist who “made their homes in the wilderness” of Round Prairie. She writes about how Mr. Danquist crocheted a tablecloth of his own design.

Davis wrote: “Ms. Danquist loved to crochet, when time could be saved for the most necessary tasks. Once, her husband returned from Spokane, bringing a crochet sample he found in a house he was decorating. complex design, and Ms. Danquist struggled to follow the pattern. “Show me the point, and I’ll take the model off for you,” Mr. Danquist suggested. And he did. It was the start of dozens of beautiful crochet pieces that he made, although he was never satisfied to follow patterns made by others. He preferred to do his own design. “

What a great story about the Danquist family, which settled in March 1900.

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