Green Arrow may not have the powers of his Justice League peers, but like Wolverine, he’s ready to do what other heroes won’t.

Disclaimer: Contains an overview of Checkmate # 6 and spoilers for Black Knights of Steel # 1!

A new preview for Checkmate # 6 confirms that although he may be the Justice Leagueleast powerful member of, Green arrow evolved into the role of the team “Wolverine. After Bruce Wayne was stripped of his fortune in The Joker’s War, Oliver Queen took his place as the team’s funder, using his billions to fund both traditional heroes. and the underground organization Checkmate. Green Arrow has been active on both teams, leading the fight against everything from threats from other dimensions to rogue Leviathan intelligence.


The Green Arrow Checkmate team is made up of darker heroes and antiheroes such as Steve Trevor, Director Bones, The Question, Manhunter, and Talia al Ghul. Despite the bad blood, the team agrees that Mark Shaw must be arrested, following his assumption about Leviathan’s identity and the destruction of all of the major intelligence agencies in the DC Universe. Unfortunately, Checkmate # 6 confirms that a team member is playing their own game, forcing Ollie to take decisive action.

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Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Alex Maleev, Checkmate # 6 begins with the attack on Talia al Ghul from the previous issue. It turns out that Talia defects, Manhunter guessing that she is jumping with Mark Shaw’s Leviathan, despite the fact that he stole the group’s name and initial resources from her. In a spy story like Checkmate, anything is possible – Talia may intend to infiltrate the organization, be under Shaw’s mind control, or go out on her own – but as the other group members immediately attack, it’s Ollie who puts an arrow in Talia’s shoulder, then apparently goes for the killing blow as she teleports. Take advantage of the overview pages below, as shared by AIPT.

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Green Arrow’s willingness to take lethal action is the most obvious comparison to Wolverine, who was specifically asked to join the Avengers because he would take action that the other members wouldn’t. Although Ollie is usually not a mortal hero, he is killed when needed and even in rage, assassinating the villainous Prometheus after bombing Star City and killing the daughter of Ollie’s former sidekick, Roy Harper. With arrows replacing claws, Ollie is a hero who takes on far more powerful superhumans and finds a way to win. Like Wolverine, writers love to find ways for Green Arrow to take down opponents who should logically crush him underfoot, like when his alternate universe Dark Knights of Steel counterpart killed a Kryptonian King with perfect (but macabre) shot.

Like Wolverine, Ollie is a character on more teams at a time than really makes sense given their save-the-world memories, and even leads a kill team alongside more effort. heroic, like when Wolverine commanded X-Force behind the scenes of Cyclops’s mutant nation of Utopia. Every team of real superheroes needs a member who can’t fly or throw cars at their enemies, but who knows exactly when to stand back and finish the battle with a perfect shot. Checkmate # 6 – arrived at retailers on November 23 – proves that Green arrow is this hero for the Justice League, as Wolverine has been for the Avengers and the X-Men.

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