Fall is a great time to explore Kentucky, when the leaves are exploding in reds, oranges, and gold.

But how does our state rank nationally when it comes to foliage viewing?

Apparently not highly. Kentucky doesn’t appear on many of the top 2021 foliage destination guides at all. And when our state is actually mentioned, it’s presented pretty much as an afterthought. What, no travel writer has been to the Midwest?

A report by the lawn care department, LawnStarter, gives Kentucky the top marks of several travel resources, but the state is still not doing exceptionally well. On LawnStarter’s 2021 list of the best places to visit this fall, Kentucky comes in at No. 23 overall. The Commonwealth is # 17 out of 50 for fall scenery, but only # 30 in outdoor recreation and entertainment (which perhaps helps Kentucky be one of the least happy states in the country).

But LawnStarter has the good news; other destination resources don’t even mention Kentucky. Travel and leisure, Fodor’s, and even Oprah make no mention of the beautiful state parks or rolling hills of our region.

CityBeat was thrilled to see the Thrillist’s title “Best Places in America to See the Fall Colors (That Isn’t New England),” but this play, too, ignores Kentucky.

But that just leaves more room on the road for those of us who know the fall beauty of our region, like the best annual secret. After all, it really is the Midwest versus everyone else. Here’s when to plan your road trips to beautiful Kentucky this fall.

This story was originally published in LEO Weekly’s sister publication, CityBeat.