FAIRMONT – Often those who work the most in an organization receive the least recognition.

“There are people out there, unsung heroes, who give their all every day,” said Julie Sole, executive director of the Disability Action Center, which offers a range of education and support opportunities. work for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. “It’s so often, it’s a strange thing, that people who do the most and give the most, often get the least.”

Now is the time for the community to come forward and nominate these unsung heroes for the 2021 Marion County Family Resource Network Hero Awards. Each year, the non-profit organization asks the community to nominate an individual or organization who has made a difference in the community but who hasn’t quite received the recognition they deserve.

“This will be the sixth year that we are doing [the awards]Said Frank Jarman, executive director of FRN. “There were so many great people who helped and who weren’t recognized for it. There are several studies that show that when you recognize volunteers it increases awareness and more and more people start volunteering. “

In 2019, Sole and his team at CAD won the Community Impact Award for the work they do to help people with disabilities and their families.

“Last year we recognized Lloyd White and the Marion County Health Department for their good work with COVID,” Jarman said. “For us, it’s important to bring what doesn’t happen to the community. That sort of thing wasn’t happening, so we wanted to do it.

Once the nominations are received, the nominees are published and then voted on. The first four winners of the vote will then be awarded a Hero Award for their particular work. But for now, the FRN is focused on securing nominees.

“There are a lot of times in nonprofit work that things go unnoticed,” Sole said. “It really means a lot when another organization says, ‘Hey, you’re really going above and beyond.’

Most of the people involved in this type of work usually don’t want to be recognized. The purpose of the FRN with the awards is to show the people in the trenches that they are appreciated.

“Most of the people who do the hard, hard work of our community, most of them don’t want the spotlight and never expect to be recognized,” Sole said. “That’s why it’s important to shed light on the people who really do the hard work of our community.”

The FRN is accepting nominees for the Hero Awards until June 30. Applications can be sent by email to [email protected] Nominations may also be sent to the FRN office at 305 Washington St., Fairmont, WV 26554 addressed to the attention of the Hero Awards.

Nominations must include the name of the individual or organization and a written description of what they have done to earn the award.

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