If users don’t want to keep a chat in the main inbox, they can archive the chat and keep it in a separate section on WhatsApp. Here’s how it’s done.

WhatsApp allows users to organize their inbox by keeping certain discussions in the archive section. Essentially, the feature hides an individual or group conversation from the main “Chats” menu on WhatsApp, but it can also help users keep required chats in the inbox menu and non-required chats. Another way for WhatsApp users to keep chats handy is to pin them. When pinned, a conversation appears at the top of the chat section, allowing quick access.

If users don’t want to chat with someone, they can block the contact. Once blocked, a user will not receive any messages, calls, or connection status updates. Additionally, there is another option to report someone on the platform, which should be used by users when someone (personal or business account) sends inappropriate messages. However, if users do not wish to block a contact, they can turn off WhatsApp notifications for chat or place them in the archive section by following the steps given above.


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The ability to archive a chat on WhatsApp allows users to better organize their chats. The way it works is that all chats archived by the user are kept in a separate section where they don’t meddle with unarchived chats. Hence, users may keep useless conversations with pesky friend, spam business account or other contacts in archive section. Until a recent update, WhatsApp automatically moved chats from the archive section to users’ inboxes, but this is no longer the case. Users can now enable the “Keep chats archived” option in WhatsApp’s Chat Settings menu.

Archive chats on WhatsApp

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The steps involved in archiving a chat are slightly different for users of Android, iOS, and Desktop versions of WhatsApp. Android users should press and hold a conversation and select the downward pointing icon from the menu at the top of the screen. On the other hand, iOS users should swipe left on a particular chat, and from the options that appear, select “Archive”. Finally, web or desktop users should hover over a chat, click on the menu that appears, and select “Archive Chat” which is the first option. Once a chat is archived, it can be found in the “Archived Chats” section at the top of regular chats, which also shows the number of chats with a new message.

There are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, archiving a conversation on WhatsApp doesn’t delete or save the chat anywhere – it just stores it in a different section. Also, archived chats will stay where they are even when there’s a notification – they won’t show up in users’ inboxes on their own. To finish, WhatsApp will notify a user of an archived chat only when the user is replied to or mentioned in a group chat.

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