Mr. Editor,

The editorial, Stabroek News’ “Severely Deficient Natural Resource Fund Bill”, December 28, 2021, shows scholarships and discusses how and who will do without the abundance of money that is now and will be in the future. available to government.

Equally of note are the numerous editorials in Kaieteur News and the statements on Kaieteur Radio.

The proposal to dismantle the twenty-two members of the Committee overseeing the Natural Resources Fund is the slaughter of a fragile democracy and makes the pontification of the president of One Guyana absurd.

I recommend the compulsory reading of the editorials of Stabroek News and of several editorials of Kaieteur News, in particular by young Guyanese who will be the main victims of this obvious free use of the money made available to us by the Creator.

A review of the proposed public accountability committee suggests that a single member, that is, a member appointed by the Leader of the Opposition, will be without direct allegiance to the ruling party. For example, the person appointed by the National Assembly will certainly be a government candidate.

It’s no secret that the existing Private Sector Commission is the handmaiden of the PPP. With a union divided, it is reasonable to expect that another sycophant in the ruling group will be appointed and with the government controlling most of the media, freedom, justice, democracy and decency will be on the chopping block.

Beyond that, it heralds the loss of an opportunity to heal the wounds inflicted by the inhumanity of slavery, the disrespect for the Commitment and the consequences of imperialism and colonialism.

Those at Freedom House who casually shout about freedom and whose writers still speak of a born dictatorship should know that this decision due to be presented to Parliament this week is far worse than the claim of a Burnham dictatorship alleged by these same people since. several decades.

The above mentioned items are to be reprinted and sold at a low price. I’m sure many of us would buy multiple copies and pass them around.

This is serious business in circumstances where a truly bipartisan committee should be able to ensure that the billions that reach our coffers are used to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of a former leader to deliver. free education from kindergarten to university.

This should mean then, not the mere construction of buildings given to buddies, but the expansion of teacher training, providing laboratories for each secondary school, playgrounds and the teaching of music and instruments and instruments. related cultural activities.

It should include the establishment of a National Service, so that our young people from the Rupununi Coast can meet, learn and play together in a controlled environment.

Then the available billions should be used to increase the training of medical personnel and update health care, clinics and hospitals, so that every Guyanese does not suffer or die because their family does not have them. ways to pay medical bills.

A truly democratic government will have no difficulty with a truly large committee to oversee and distribute the largesse of oil money.

The government’s claim that the current 22-member Natural Resources Committee is too heavy is wrong.

This is the essence of democracy where the views of each sector must be taken into account.

I urge the President to withdraw this nauseating proposal and send it back to a truly broader and broader consultation and get us out of the iron clutches of a dictatorship.

Finally, I have and continue to argue that on the issues of (a) the border issue, (b) Covid-19 and (c) oil and gas, the government and the opposition should sit around round table and find a strategy for the good of this generation and the generations to come.

Any unilateral approach is doomed to failure.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green