Writing a screenplay or a book requires carefully crafted ideas, but also thought out with a lot of dedication and love. With ideas written down, it seems like a waste if they are not implemented. Aware that it is not easy to get started in a publication or to have authorized scriptwriting partners, Script A Hit, a one-of-a-kind platform for scriptwriting and editing was launched in April. 2021.

The Bangalore-based platform is founded by Jaishankar Krishnamurthy who helps young minds who have ideas but not the skills, time or resources to turn their thoughts into a novel for publication or scripts for audiovisual content production. The founder through some light on the impeccable journey of his brand and the details involved in the success of the industry with his thoughtful strategies.

1. When was Script A Hit launched and how did you get the idea to launch the brand? Is the business funded or seeded?

We launched the Script A Hit website in the midst of the pandemic in April 2021. Launching the platform was my idea because I aspired to write a novel for 4 decades, but I was never able to complete it. writing a single book. Being married to a successful writer Krishna Udayasankar who is also the co-founder and has published many bestsellers, I came up with a plot for her, which she then worked on using her exceptional skills. Now my first book, FARSIDE, co-authored with Krishna is due out at Penguin Random House in October 2021.

I also finished my second novel together with another writer. The book, MIND GAMES, is currently being presented to various publishers by the reputable Redink Literary Agency.

For my third book, I hired a writer to bring his concept for an intriguing financial thriller to life. He now has three complete manuscripts, with a fourth in progress, in less than two years.

As a result of these experiences, I realized that there are several people like me who may not have the time or skills to write, or the resources to convert their unique ideas into novels. Script A Hit is a unique platform for that person to fulfill their dream of becoming an author or the creative mind behind an audiovisual production – be it an OTT movie or series.

Currently, it is funded by investments from friends and relatives.

2. What is the concept of Script A Hit. And how is it different from a publishing house?

Script a Hit is not intended to publish manuscripts, but rather to help people turn their ideas into manuscripts which can then be submitted to top editors, for publication as books. As a result, what we’re looking for in terms of submissions isn’t the entire manuscript, but a concept note – the seed of what can be a spectacular novel.

A lot of people can have amazing ideas but don’t have the skills, time, or resources to turn that idea into a full novel. We respond to these people by helping to bridge the gap between the idea and the manuscript.

As a result, once we accept the submitted idea, we employ professional writers to convert the idea into a novel. We will then approach reputable publishing houses to publish the novel.

In short, we see ourselves as an added value by serving as a bridge between the creator and the publishing houses, thus meeting their needs at the same time.

3. Who is Script A Hit’s target audience?

Our target audience is anyone who has an idea for a story. The person could be a housewife with an untold story of challenges and emotions, a member of the police force who has seen the best and darkest criminal minds, a migrant worker the world needs to hear about. hardships and hardships, a single parent struggling against a society full of expectations, a day laborer or a billionaire. We are targeting an ordinary person with a great idea. At Script a Hit, we believe that art imitates life and that fiction comes from reality.

4. How does the idea work?

Anyone with an idea can submit a detailed synopsis of their idea by registering on the website. If the idea is selected by the Script A Hit team, we enter into a legal contract with the bidder who acquires the idea with an upfront payment of INR 10,000. We then employ professional writers, carefully chosen to suit the particular genre, and write the entire manuscript. We will then present the manuscript to reputable publishers. Depending on the idea, we will also simultaneously present a detailed argument to the producers of (audiovisual) content.

5. How many registrations have we received so far? Please explain the type of registrations you receive and where do they mainly come from?

We received over 200 registrations and received 100 article ideas. We are currently accepting submissions in English, Hindi, and Tamil. With the exception of one submission in Hindi, two in Tamil, the others were in English. The genre of stories ranges from romance, sci-fi and fantasy to crime and thrillers.

6. How do you think your platform provides a great opportunity for people who have ideas in mind and want to sell their ideas to OTT platforms? Additionally, how the brand generates revenue through this

The demand for content, especially in the form of web series available on OTT platforms, is growing at an exponential rate, also supported by a change in lifestyles in recent times. A recent report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers predicts India will become the sixth largest OTT market by 2024, with the share of the OTT video segment in the overall entertainment and media sector doubling from what it was in 2019 The report states that “Subscription VOD will be the main driver of revenue, growing at a CAGR of 30.7%, from $ 708 million in 2019 to $ 2.7 billion in 2024.” We have the The unique benefit of having on board an accomplished writer, Krishna Udayasankar, who has offered all of her novels to date to content producers including Disney Hotstar and Phantom Films. She was also hired to write screenplays for web series, which are currently featured on major OTT platforms. Neha Lamba Grover is also on board, formerly of Star TV and now working with HCL Technologies in their Media Telecom business in the United States, dealing with a large content production customer base. She brings both her contacts and considerable expertise in the production of audiovisual content. These, combined with our unique vision, make us a game-changing brand in the world of literary and audiovisual entertainment. We get some of the royalties from the publishers and the money from the content producers, and that’s the source of our revenue.

7. How can a person submit an idea to the website?

An author need only submit an idea as a synopsis to the official ‘Script A Hit’ website. Registration is free. Submissions in English, Hindi and Tamil are currently accepted. If someone’s idea is shortlisted, that person signs a co-development agreement and receives a signing fee of Rs 10,000. When the company embarks on the manuscript development process with a team of professional writers . Once the manuscript is ready, we present it to established publishers and entertainment platforms. Finally, if the manuscript is published, the original idea author will receive co-author or concept credits as well as a share of advances and royalties.

8. What has Script’s expansion plan hit or anything else you want to share

Our goal is to subscribe to 10 articles in FY 22, which we hope to increase to 25 in FY 23.