Meaning acquires its great domain quite early in its life.

Energy use is one of the main topics of 2022. With oil and gas prices soaring around the world due to the war in Ukraine, consumer energy prices are rising. Rising bills are raising awareness of the energy consumed by running the home, with some homeowners turning to technology to help monitor their usage.

Massachusetts-based Sense is a company that gives people the tools to help monitor their home energy usage through a smart device connected to a home’s electrical panel. Sense’s companion app offers information to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

There’s likely a correlation between Sense’s energy-saving credentials, the public’s need to reduce energy consumption, and its recent gigantic funding round. In April, Sense announced that it had closed a $105 million Series C funding round to help the company grow.

Sense and its product offering have come a long way since its inception in 2013. The company has always offered a range of products designed to save energy, but its technology has evolved with development to the point that Sense has now introduced machine learning AI to deliver “intelligence at home”.

Domain-wise, Sense got its exact .com match,, relatively early.

The company wisely launched on, securing a low-cost domain while focusing its attention on product development.

Fueled by seed funding worth $4 million in 2014, Sense acquired its exact match .com, with the domain changing hands in mid-2015. The company acquired from Telia Norge, a Norwegian mobile operator who received the domain after buying Sense Communications in the early 2000s.

Sense has since operated on and has raised $148 million in disclosed funding since acquiring its exact match .com.

As a consumer-focused company that aims to provide a key and reliable appliance in a home, Sense needs to make a positive first impression on potential buyers. Operating on certainly helps with that.