The United States-Africa Business Center of the United States Chamber of Commerce is hosting the first edition of its annual Africa Digital Innovation Competition for African startups.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce competition will support early ventures across the continent by bringing together a network of resources, including mentors, money, and industry professionals in the tech sector.

Voice of America spotlights 10 finalists from 17,000 applicants from 50 different African countries in collaboration with the Africa Business Center. They are the following:

Kotani Pay, Kenya

Blockchain protocols, blockchain applications and fintech companies are linked to regional payment systems in Africa by the technology stack, Kotani Pay.

They offer a reliable ingress and egress solution for connecting to a broader consumer base that primarily uses mobile money services.

USSD Code and Kotani Pay API are the two products we provide. Businesses in Africa can easily integrate with Kotani Pay using their API to use regional payment systems.

Feature phone and smartphone users can use their Kotani Pay wallets to access blockchain capabilities through their USSD code.

Grant Master, Nigeria

Grant Master is an online marketplace that connects impact-driven companies in need of funding with vetted professional grant writers and funding opportunities.

They bill themselves as the largest and most dispersed network of eminent grant writers, all ready to help you secure funding for your upcoming project.

They work by assessing your technical skills and, in less than 24 hours, connecting you with grant writers who know your industry lingo.

Shopa, Ghana

Shopa is a B2B e-commerce business and financial services platform for sourcing inventory and accessing fast delivery services.

Shopa was founded to bring fragmented informal retail in Africa online. They make it easier for these stores to buy products directly from suppliers and have them delivered to their stores within one to four hours for free. With their buy it now, pay later option, Shopa is also helping these small businesses expand their business.

Farm hut, Zimbabwe

FarmHut is Zimbabwe’s largest direct market. It is an internet portal whose aim is to undermine the food distribution networks of the African continent. Farmhut helps small-scale farmers increase their productivity and profitability.

Due to food losses, more than a third of the food produced by farmers never reaches consumers. This is managed by FarmHut, creating a sophisticated market infrastructure that allows farmers to sell their produce even before they have finished harvesting, thus avoiding losses due to a lack of markets after the fact.

HealthBiotics, Nigeria

A pioneer in the field of health technology, Healthbotics Limited is dedicated to developing AI-based health solutions for the African market.

By using Mediverse, Healthbotics seeks to improve the efficiency of healthcare professionals in delivering high-quality care and to help health authorities track disease outbreaks more quickly.

GO, Egypt

Visual and Artificial Intelligence Solutions (VAIS) creates innovative and proprietary AI/deep learning algorithms and solutions that focus on the areas of precision agriculture and geospatial intelligence.

Traders, farmers and insurers can rely on VAIS precision farming solutions for reliable irrigation intelligence and crop analysis.

For a wide range of cutting-edge sensor technologies, VAIS geospatial analysis provides domain-specific insights and actionable insights.

In Africa and the MENA region, VAIS is one of the leading providers of agricultural and geospatial intelligence. It is also one of the few companies to have received funding from Microsoft and Google accelerator programs. Over the years, the organization has successfully carried out domestic and foreign projects.

SkyVue, Cameroon

2019 saw the launch of the young Cameroonian/American company SkyVue Solutions, specializing in digitalization and infrastructure management.

They created ACCESS and CAPTURE, two digital tools for monitoring construction projects, after taking the time to fully understand the African market and take into account regional constraints in Africa.

With the use of these programs, which have been named among the top 10 in Africa and the United States Chamber of Commerce’s list of the best digital innovations in Central Africa, project managers can now manage easily, efficiently and at lower cost all aspects of their construction projects from a distance.

GrowAgric, Kenya

GrowAgric is a network that connects African farmers to much-needed capital, enabling them to grow and meet consumer demand while earning money for themselves and their sponsors.

Farmers have access to finance, farm management tools, insurance, training and links to ready markets through the GrowAgric platform. At the end of the agricultural cycle, farmers are connected with buyers in the market who pay fair prices for their products.

Traderex Limited, Ghana

Agri-food products are reliably, efficiently and sustainably sourced, stored and delivered by Traderex around the world.

They provide excellent service and performance throughout the supply chain, which adds value to the global trade in natural resources. They improve connections between producers and consumers in the marketplace and provide our customers with the products they need, when and when they need them.

ValleyBee, Nigeria

The Valley Bee is a smart, IoT-enabled, eco-friendly beehive made from recycled plastic and inspired by nature. It encourages bees to produce lots of honey.

It is designed to automatically change its ambient parameters (temperature and humidity) to meet the ideal requirements for honey production, and these parameters can be monitored remotely by farmers using a smartphone.

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