Approximately 1,400 runners and walkers participated in the Revive Santa Ana 5K run on Saturday, October 23. The race started around 8:20 a.m. in downtown Santa Ana. The event was free and included a bib, t-shirt and medal.

Santa Ana City Manager last bulletin that “It was inspiring to see our community enjoy a healthy social activity again after the cancellation of 5K 2020 due to the pandemic. Thank you to all of our attendees for coming on this rainy day, to our Parks, Recreation and Community Services Agency for hosting the event, and to our other residents and businesses for their patience during the 5K road closures.

The only downside to the event was the dire parking situation. The city of Santa Ana has allowed runners and walkers to park in the parking lot of the Santa Ana Police Department. However, they didn’t announce in advance that they would charge a $ 5 parking fee and only take cash. There was literally nowhere to park around and those who showed up without cash had to park illegally at local business centers and pray that their cars would not be towed. The city should have allowed participants to pay for parking when they collect bibs and running t-shirts! There were at least 12 City of Santa Ana employees collecting bibs, but only one guy collected the money from the parking lot. The situation was so bad that the race was delayed for twenty minutes as the participants had to deal with a parking disaster created by the city.

Santa Ana City Councilor David Penaloza ran the 5k and finished in 29 minutes. His city council colleague Thai Phan also ran and finished in 38 minutes. Blog editor New Santa Ana also competed in the race and arrived at just over 37 minutes.

City Councilor Johnathan Ryan Hernandez did not participate as he was involved in an unauthorized event touting his late cousin, Brandon Lopez, which took place near the race and started right after the race.

5K Race Participant Results:

Photos of the 5K race:

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