Doing the right thing is its own reward, but it’s good to be recognized nationally for a job well done. Completed in 2020, the North Fork Weir and Embankment Improvement Project in Asheville not only makes the North Fork Dam safer against storms and major seismic activity for our community, it has also caught the attention of the ‘Association of State Dam Safety Officials.

The project will receive the Rehabilitation Project of the Year award on September 13 at the Dam Safety 2021 conference awards luncheon in Nashville, Tenn. received the notice which also invited the city of Asheville and its partner agency Schnabel Engineering to the awards lunch.

Originally built in 1955, the North Fork Dam Project raised the dam 4 feet and added earth buttresses to enhance seismic stability. The main weir was upgraded while a new auxiliary weir was built. The dam is now more resilient to climate change with its potential for larger storms.

Some numbers associated with the project:

  • 350,000 cubic meters of earth and rock were excavated;
  • Two bridges were installed;
  • A 200-foot by 600-foot spillway was constructed;
  • 2.5 million pounds of reinforcing steel were installed.

Heavy equipment and sometimes explosives were involved. The end result will serve this community for many years to come.

“The upgrades provide a much higher level of safety and resilience for the dam and therefore our water supply,” said Leslie Carreiro, head of the Water Production / Water Quality division, who mainly oversaw the water supply. completion of this project. “Using the land moved to the main dam during the construction of the auxiliary spillway provides earthquake protection and significant material savings. “

Congratulations to Phillips & Jordan, Asheville Water Resources and Schnabel Engineering for this well-deserved national recognition.