Help stop the collapse of ocean life, part of the biodiversity decline crisis

(Beyond Pesticides, July 25, 2022) We have seen pesticide use, habitat destruction and climate change lead to dramatic losses in biodiversity and insect biomass – an “insect apocalypse” which results in cascading impacts on other species that depend on them. A preliminary report on two years of water sampling at sites in the Atlantic Ocean near the United Kingdom (UK), by a team from the Global Oceanic Environmental Survey Foundation (GOES), suggests that populations of plankton may have dropped 90% since 1940. levels. Just as insects are essential as the basis of terrestrial ecosystems, plankton are the basis of aquatic and marine food chains. The authors of the report conclude: “An environmental disaster is unfolding. We believe that humanity could adapt to global warming and extreme climate change. We believe that humanity will not survive the extinction of most marine plants and animals. Tell the EPA to protect our oceans and our lives. Tell Congress to make sure the EPA does its job. We must act now to stop the ongoing planktonic apocalypse. Researchers blame chemical pollution from pesticides, agricultural fertilizers and oil spills in the water. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has responsibilities under federal law regarding insecticides, fungicides, and rodenticides. […]