It becomes increasingly clear with each passing episode that the biggest problem with this star trek program is that the writers had a great idea for a plot and just didn’t quite know what they needed to do to get to the end. The same could probably be said for the first season of Star Trek: Picard and the same issues that haunt this episode give the writer bedroom fits as this year draws to a close. At this point, the show is piling on plot holes and weird character developments on top of each other in order to explain how people who didn’t need to be placed in certain situations get away with it. come out.


In fact, sometimes the writers made it so difficult for themselves in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard that they almost tell about themselves. At one point, a character from episode 8, titled “Mercy”, seems to express what the audience is probably thinking. He claims that it looks like he wasted his life and his hunt was meaningless. The character, who could have been a nice addition had he come sooner, seemed totally unnecessary. He was a time waster. This seems odd given that there just isn’t much time left until the season finale.

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“Mercy” picks up where the previous episode of picard leave behind. The Captain and Guinan are being held by a shadow government agency and a man who has, in fact, been hunting aliens for some time. As they first try to play it off as some sort of sick joke, it becomes apparent that the government agent (whose name is never learned it’s so unimportant) knows more than they do. would have liked on their trip to the past, although he believes it is actually an alien invasion.

Star Trek - Picard Season 2 Episode 8 Picard Review

Along the way, the audience learns that the government understands there were six intruders at the Europa gala where Picard convinced his estranged relative to go to space. Seems like if the government believed the people were trying to stop the Europa mission, there would be more focus on finding them, but it seems no one besides the alien hunter really cares that much.

Elsewhere, Raffi and Seven of Nine are on the hunt for Jurati and the Borg Queen who become one. It looks like the series’ new villain has been busy, first smashing a window in a bar, killing someone she picked up, then heading to Adam Soong in order to enlist the help of the scientist whose public discovered that he was totally devoid of everything. real connection with the woman who is his daughter, other than wanting to make sure that his work succeeds.

The third plot point in this particular story centers around Rios and Teresa Ramirez. Oddly enough, it seems like he’s perfectly happy to tell them anything and everything about the future. Including showing them technology that seems far more shocking to people who have seen pieces of cake materialize out of thin air. However, instead of expressing extreme amazement at a machine that can make food out of thin air, they simply grab the cake and start eating. It’s really amazing how the people who live in the Star Trek: Picard the universe is capable of accepting fantastic scenarios without even needing a minimum of explanation.

Star Trek- Picard Season 2 Episode 8 Review G and Q

Speaking of people in Picard who are willing to take things at face value when common sense should tell them something is seriously wrong, which seems to be the theme of “Mercy”. The biggest and weirdest demonstration of this is the federal agent, who demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has proof that Picard and Guinan aren’t who they claim, is upset about his mission. simply by being told a story that haunted him. for all the life.

This episode of Star Trek: Picard asks the audience to believe that someone who has built their entire career on chasing a boogeyman would then accept that the boogeyman doesn’t exist after a few hours of talking to someone. Of course, the show implies that the conversation went on for hours, it’s entirely possible that it lasted around half an hour. The person who convinced this haunted man also happens to be someone he knows is a person of interest and doesn’t actually believe is a person. It takes a certain panache to believe that anyone in the world would react that way. It’s also almost insulting that the show expects its audience to accept this explanation.

The story of Q, a god who appears to die and lose his powers while he does, further tests credulity. This particular plot point could actually make as much sense as anything so far this season, except that the show doesn’t quite know how to handle it. It seems the writers want people to believe that it’s easier for Q to travel through time and across universes than to get from place to place in 2024 Los Angeles.

Virtual Q

Finally, the story of Soong, a scientist who is clearly quite brilliant, actually seems to be centuries ahead of human technology and has played a huge role in Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe world of , even before it got help from Q, which the series went out of its way to highlight, was dishonored. Despite his disgrace, he appears to have unlimited resources, including the ability to hire a paramilitary combat force after a single phone call to a “general”. It seems viewers are supposed to know that it’s because of Q’s influence, but again, it’s the same Q who has to travel by car from one place to another, but can also trick the people by making them believe that he is a member of the FBI.

There have been more and more plot points added to Star Trek: Picardover the season and they are now starting to crash into each other at exactly the wrong time. While the mystery should unfold at this point, things get more and more confusing and not in a tricky way that’s fun for the audience.

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