As sites begin to reopen and foot traffic increases, the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council (PCAC) is installing two artistic signage signs to direct visitors to some of the city’s public works of art.

“Now that the pandemic has subsided, we are ready to celebrate the return of downtown vitality and the living role the arts are playing in this awakening,” said PCAC President Kelly Cousins.

The panels will also be used for temporary art installations during the summer and early fall.

The first is on the corner of Division and Main streets, across from the Museum on Main, with the second on Neal Street, between Wayside and Delucchi Parks, not far from the Firehouse Arts Center.

“Traffic signs are an artistic and creative play on traffic signs,” said Anne Giancola, PCAC board member, who led the project. “They refer to some of the many works of public art in Pleasanton, but are also works of art in themselves. ”

Giancola, who coordinated a similar project for Livermore, is director of visual arts for the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center.

Giancola said the artists who created the unique road signs all live in the area, including Rhonda Chase, Antonio Morena, Lynda Briggs, Jen Huber, Steve Barkkarie, Meghana Mitragotri, Barbara Stanton, Melenie Llamas, Heidi Giancola, Leta Eydelberg and Charles Simmons.

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