Several private waste haulers currently serve the East Cobb area.

A plan to assign waste haulers to specific parts of Cobb County will be presented to the Cobb Board of Commissioners on Tuesday as they begin digging into proposed code amendment changes to county ordinances.

The business meeting will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the second-floor Board Room of the Cobb Government Building (100 Cherokee St., downtown Marietta).

The full agenda is available by clicking here; the meeting will also be broadcast live on the county websitecable TV channel (Channel 24 on Comcast) and Youtube page. Visit for other streaming options.

Commissioners have already heard from citizens about the garbage collection proposal, which aims to alleviate collection problems that have existed in Cobb for several years.

Under the proposed garbage collection amendment, four garbage collection areas would be created and each would be designated by a single carrier. Other carriers would not be allowed to serve this area.

Citizens are organizing against this change, proposed by the head of the department Cobb Sustainability, Waste and Beautification (click here to read), don’t like not having a choice and say their waste bill will go up.

A reader opposed to the change said East Cobb News that “many of us are happy with our small business carriers and don’t want the inefficient county to pick up the slack and make such demands to destroy competitive free market solutions”.

A website called Save My Cobb Trash Collector was launched to fight the proposal. It was created by East Cobb resident Hill Wright, who said he heard from a number of citizens who were also upset with the proposal.

He said he had spoken to waste haulers and they weren’t happy either, with some of the smaller ones fearing they could be forced out of business.

The website claims that Cobb plans to charge customers an additional 18% on their waste bill.

This information is not in the proposed amendment to the code, but Wright said East Cobb News he heard this figure while speaking with county staff.

The fee would be used in part to set up a call center to handle citizens’ issues with the garbage collection service.

The garbage collection change would “significantly worsen the service,” he said. “They are trying to solve the problem by creating a monopoly” which would be the lowest bidder.

“The lowest bidder will likely be a large company that is already unable to provide consistent service.”

American Disposal has been the dominant carrier in the Cobb area, buying out smaller competitors in recent years. But it has also been the subject of numerous customer complaints.

Wright said some of the comments he received on his website came from citizens who told him they had left America and would not want to be forced to use it again.

Wright has used Hugh’s Garbage Service for years and is very happy with it. When he traveled frequently for business, he arranged for his trash to be picked up inside his home.

“It cost a little more, but it was worth it,” he said.

Wright said he understands the intent of the code amendment, but wants the county to have informed and worked with waste haulers.

“It’s going to hurt some people and destroy some small businesses,” he said.

The East Cobb area is served by several private carriers, and the Acworth-based company Trash Taxi recently entered the community provide trash and recycling services.

Amendments to the Cobb Code are updated twice a year and current proposals cover 10 areas of the Ordinance:

Commissioners will hold specific public hearings on the amendments to the code on September 13 and 27, before voting on them on the latter date.

There are 10 categories in the ordinance that proposed amendments to the code: Administration; building regulations; fire prevention and protection; licenses, permits and businesses; nuisance; parks and recreation; solid waste; streets, sidewalks and public places and zoning.

Cobb Community Development Agency returns to commissioners to attempt to regulate AirBNB short-term rentals, specifically AirBNBs (Chapter 78).

The proposed amendment would require a short-term rental certificate from the county’s business licensing office, with a local agent to be available 24 hours a day and subject to occupancy and vehicle limits.

The county is also proposing to expand its authority in inspecting multifamily rental housing (Chapter 18) to include a mandatory business tax for owners of apartment buildings and the inspection of a portion of the dwellings in a building each year.


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