July 29, 2022

The Saint Francis Foundation and the Saint Francis Auxiliary awarded a total of 23 healthcare scholarships to local students in July. Stacy Meyer received the Steven C. Bjelich Directing Fellowship. The scholarship is available to graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare administration and awards $5,000 to one recipient every two years. Another 22 scholarships were awarded, with each student receiving $2,000 in scholarship funds toward a degree in a health-related profession. These recipients and their scholarships include:

  • Britni Helton – Mamie Hall Memorial Scholarship
  • Chloe Pikin – Bess Estes Healthcare Scholarship
  • Allison Vaughn – Huttegger-Scherer Memorial Scholarship
  • Kailey Bell – Lucy Ellen Towse Memorial Scholarship
  • Alyssa Nolen – Clara D. Newnam Memorial Scholarship
  • Karolina Pogorzelsky – Raymond A. and Lillian K. Ritter scholarship (one out of two)
  • Sean Merck – Raymond A. and Lillian K. Ritter scholarship (two out of two)
  • Kyla Bell – Christen Joyel Aufdenberg Memorial Scholarship
  • Melanie Hayden – Bernadean Campbell Cortney Watson Memorial Scholarship – Sisters of St. Francis Nursing Scholarship
  • Logan lemons – Susan F. Hinkebein Memorial Scholarship
  • Austin Bucher – Carrie Suedekum Memorial Scholarship
  • Katelyn Fehr – Evelyn and S. David Nunley Scholarship
  • Rebecca Roseau – Earl Jr. and Lori Wills Memorial Scholarship
  • Sidney Stark – Joseph and Harriette Hunter McCrate Scholarship
  • Brendan Gross – Lee George and Katherine Jane Cochran Memorial Scholarship
  • Madelynne Ohmes – Edythe M. Davis Scholarship
  • Claire Bruenderman – Bursary for the 125th anniversary of the Saint-François auxiliary
  • Abigail Heisserer – Ken Hayden Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
  • Shannon Buessink – Saint Francis Auxiliary Physician Honorary Scholarship
  • McKenzie Goodson – Saint Francis Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Tatum McCollough – Mark F. Scully Nursing Scholarship

Scholars must have completed at least one year in an accredited healthcare program and be currently enrolled, maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, and meet application and writing requirements by the scheduled deadline. They must also reside within the Saint Francis service area as defined in the application.

The Saint Francis Healthcare Scholarship Program was established in 1980. The Saint Francis Foundation, the Saint Francis Auxiliary and generous donors fund the program. Since its inception, the program has provided over $793,000 in scholarships to students to encourage participation in professional healthcare careers. To learn more about the Saint Francis Healthcare Fellowship Program, visit the Fellowship Program website or call 573-331-3192.