About a year ago, she pitched the idea of ​​the ovens, he said.

“We had ideas on how we can make SECCA’s grounds much more interactive and welcoming, so this partnership seemed like a natural fit,” Carpenter said of SECCA officials.

Its aim is to make SECCA’s field a place where people want to “sit, stay, work, play”.

“We want people to be able to come and feel invited, to feel welcomed, to feel that there is something interesting in the corners and around the trails, that this is a place for families to spend. time together and that we can take our educational materials outside and be really welcoming to as many people as possible, ”Carpenter said.

The wood-fired oven project will be built in the front area of ​​SECCA at the end of its long parking lot.

“This will be in view of the historic Hanes house,” Carpenter said.

He expects the ovens to bring more people to SECCA grounds.

“I also think it will provide our customers with something interesting to see and spark their interest in doing something and understanding the processes involved,” Carpenter said.

Since Sawtooth does not have land around its premises, school officials considered different locations to build the ovens, including private locations and other downtown locations, before teaming up with SECCA.