But given how badly Adelaide played, can we trust the form? Yes, there is the fact that you play as well as opposition allows you to, so based on that we will say that St Kilda had Adelaide play as a team for Rooty Hill in the West Sydney League of Brumbies. Likewise, however, based on this Adelaide was so bad that St Kilda looked very 2010 and not at the start of the 2011 season.

The Crows were just awful, starting the game sloppy and getting worse from there.

Scott Thompson takes on the Dean Polo of St Kilda.Credit:Sebastien Costanzo

In the third quarter, they failed to take the ball into their striker 50 for 20 minutes. The only time he got in there before that, he was taken by the saints who skinned him down to themselves. Eventually the Crows got there and, of course, it was a pass that floated above its destination.

But let’s not denigrate St Kilda’s performance. Where he came from, this is his most edgy performance of the year. Not just because Milne scored eight goals, because he’s been good all year. The reason to be excited is that Brendon Goddard was once again playing with the freedom, confidence and controlled aggressiveness of the past year that made him such an irresistible presence on the pitch. He could even have surpassed Milne as the best player on the pitch.

Nick Riewoldt fights with Adelaide's Ben Rutten.

Nick Riewoldt fights with Adelaide’s Ben Rutten.Credit:Sebastien Costanzo

Additionally, Nick Riewoldt took half a dozen inside 50 marks and scored three goals. Justin Koschitzke scored and scored a goal. And David Armitage has settled to the side, looks assertive with the ball and likes to keep others away from it. In a game piece, he struck through a body, not only blocking an opponent’s possession, but hitting the ball 30 yards and leaving the potential recipient of the ball breathless on the ground.

In a sweet moment of encouragement, Jack Steven, the fast tyro whose kicks can be heart-to-mouth, centered a kick to a prominent Riewoldt in the final quarter that mixed up hope. of the young player and the return of the old one.


5.1 10.2 14.11 19.13 (127)


1.2 2.5 2.6 3.6 (24)


St Kilda: Milne 8, Schneider 5, Riewoldt 3, Koschitzke, Montagna Dal Santo.

Adelaide: Dangerfield, Henderson, Thompson.



St Kilda: Milne, Dal Santo, Riewoldt, Goddard, Montagna, Schneider, Armitage.

Adelaide: Jacobs, Thompson, Doughty.


Vozzo, McInerney, Farmer.


26,546 at Etihad Stadium.


Nick Riewoldt’s kicks continue to garner attention for the wrong reasons, but there were some decent winches as well as some ordinary Saints skipper stuff last night, with a bomb from outside 50 yards after a less successful first attempt on goal, when he seemed not to notice how close Ben Rutten was to the man, giving him a right kick. But a final tally of 3.3, with 14 points, was a welcome comeback for the great striker.



The Crows haven’t had too many low points in their 20-year history, but they’re definitely one of them. Last night’s pitiful final tally of 3.6 (24) was Adelaide’s lowest ever score. The Crows have never finished a season with fewer than eight wins. They will do it with some margin this year, with Adelaide now appearing completely devoid of both confidence and desire. Football in South Australia is certainly at an all-time low.


The Crumbs had a feast to dream of last night, well, St Kilda’s, anyway. Schneider and Milne were also early, sharing the Saints’ five goals in the first quarter and their four in the third. With far too much room to work, the Little Saints rampaged over the forward entrances that did not land in Riewoldt’s safe hands. For a team that had long struggled for enough goals, he was a real kid in a candy store.

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