We’re excited to publish today our latest ebook, The Rise of Buildings and Places That Help Me Thrive – How the WELL Building Standard Started a Movement.

It is published in collaboration with the International WELL Building Institute.

When we first wrote about WELL – and we claim to have been the first in Australia to do so – we knew it was something big.

The industry immediately took it to heart and today Australia leads the Asia Pacific region in purchasing WELL certified buildings. The floor area that falls under this umbrella is now 80 million square meters.

But how was this number reached? What were the business and human drivers that made this story a success?

The story of WELL is that of a necessity and that of a great idea whose time has come.

Our book walks you through the logic of this adoption and takes a look at case studies from companies like Lendlease, Investa, and Charter Hall to explain why these top property owners jumped on the bandwagon.

We also take an international look in this book on how the National University of Singapore and Canada-based Oxford Properties have integrated the opportunities.

When you think about what WELL actually encourages and values ​​- air, water, food, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, spirit and community – you can see what it is.

This is a useful, clear and practical publication that will add to our library of resources to help the entire industry move forward with better results in buildings and the built environment in general.

Many thanks to our partners, IWBI, the entire team in the US and Australia, our editorial contacts and sources, owners, editors and our in-house production team.


Tina Perinotto
Editor-in-chief and publisher
The fifth state