Theater Resources Unlimited announces the 22nd annual series of new, now virtual, plays from TRU writers produced by TRU producers, as part of the TRU Voices New Plays virtual reading series.

Presented with the generous support of The StoyLine Project, the pieces will be performed on Sundays June 20, June 27 and July 11, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Each piece will be followed by a “Dollars and Sense” production panel featuring leading commercial producers, art directors and general managers. Tickets are available at https://www.onthestage.com/theater-resources-unlimited

“We were so encouraged to see that the closure did not shut down our community of talented writers,” said TRU Executive Director Bob Ost. “We have received an inspiring influx of new works submitted to the series, and we are proud to present three of the most intriguing of them. We are also delighted to report that all three are made by women (and two have women who produce them). “

Sunday, June 20, 2021, 3:00 p.m. EDT

Iben Cenholt / LIVEtheatrical and Evan Bernardin Productions in attendance

Small empty nest

by David Beardsley

directed by Jesica Garrou

“You are cordially invited to witness the collapse of the Bookers quarantine. Hard hat required.” With their only child in college, it becomes clear that Ben and Claire Booker’s relationship needs a good start. When Ben offers to audition for Tiny Empty Nest, a reality TV show that chronicles empty nests living in tiny houses, Claire is skeptical but agrees. Audition day arrives, and with nowhere to hide and a little house to build, Ben and Claire seek the emotional stamina and honesty they need to stay together. Tickets and details on https://our.show/tru/tiny-empty-nest

David Beardsley (playwright) is a playwright from Boston, Massachusetts. His work has been performed in the United States, Europe and Australia. His play, Holy and Unruly, was a 2019 finalist for the Ashland New Plays Festival and a semi-finalist for the 2020 Bay Area Playwrights Festival. Cursetown is currently in development in Moonbox Productions’ Boston New Works 2021 project.

Iben Cenholt (producer), after more than 20 years of computer projects and video creation, took her endless love for visual storytelling, theater and film and created a unique LIVEtheatricals company that produces (TRU Speak benefit : – A Woman’s Ordre), created (Triangle Théâtre

Business: People will talk, | Create Theater, DASH), creates, helps, innovates and designs virtual experiences and enhancements, all focused on the art of theatrical performance.

Evan Bernardin (producer) of Evan Bernardin Productions is general manager and producer. Evan has worked with the New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF), Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS (BCEFA), Fringe (NY & LA), The Workshop Theater Company, The Broadway Youth Ensemble (BYE) and The Make A Wish Foundation.

Jesica Garrou (Director) is based in Maine but works nationwide. Her early career as an online education designer combined well with her theater background when the pandemic forced virtual theater to come to the fore. Previous projects include Virtual Happy Hour as part of the TRUSpeak … Hear Our Voices program in February 2021, and Alice! An original musical.

Sunday, June 27, 2021, 3:00 p.m. EDT

Golden wings

by Coolidge Harris II

directed by Rain Pryor

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Golden Wings explores the complexities of love, loyalty, and the sanctity of marriage. When the line is crossed in the Pinkens family, it is revealed that the truth can bring you out of darkness and into a whole new light. Tickets and details on https://our.show/tru/golden-wings

Coolidge Harris II (playwright) is an award-winning playwright. He was a member of the Sons and Ancestors Players theater group under the artistic direction of the late T. Michael Gates. He is the author of the one-act play A Trial for Butchy and later wrote Footsteps in the Dark. After moving to the Bay Area and spending 25 years in the Washington DC metro area, Coolidge returned to California and retired as an educator to pursue his passion for the playwright. His most recent works are Greenwood and Golden Wings. Greenwood won the 2021 African American Playwrights Group BIPOC New Play competition in collaboration with the Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a 2021 American Association of Community Theaters (AACT) NewPlayFest finalist, 2021 National Playwrights Conference semi-finalist at Eugene O’Neill Theater, and Honorable Mention in Panndora’s Box Playwrights 2020 competition.

Benny Lumpkins Jr. (producer) is originally from Detroit and made his acting debut at Old Dominion University. Recent production credits include Broadway: Slave Play, Off Broadway: The Landstuhl Chronicles, A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet. A Hollywood costume designer, recent credits include: “My Brother Wes” on Amazon.

Rain Pryor (director) co-founded Baltimore Theater Works. She taught theater at Center Stage, Baltimore School For The Arts, and was honored at the Coppin State University Theater Arts Conference in 2019. Comedian Dylan Brody’s Mother May I was Pryor’s first director. She also directed MILF, Mom I’d Like to Follow written and performed by comedian Meshelle, who won Best Stand-Up at the United Solo Festival in New York City and has sold out across the country. She was artistic director of the Strand Theater in Baltimore in 2010 and has directed three blockbuster shows that put the company into financial surplus. Fried Chicken and Latkes is Pryor’s award-winning solo exhibition, a story of growing up black and Jewish in politically incorrect times. The show was sold out at the Canon Theater in Beverly Hills, California, and repeated that success in New York, Chicago, Ohio, Virginia, Texas and Scotland.

Sunday, July 11, 2021, 3:00 p.m. EDT

Stéphanie Pope Lofgren presents

Nobody mourns the blacksmith

by Lloyd Khaner

directed by Tonya Pinkins

“There is light at the end of every tunnel.” No One Cries for the Blacksmith follows a hopeful New York taxi driver and his marketing passenger confident the best, the worst, and possibly the last day of their lives. Based on real events, this intense, humorous drama will take you on a journey wondering if these strangers-turned-friends will make it out alive. Tickets and details on https://our.show/tru/blacksmith