TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity for the Tezos ecosystem, unveils an NFT art collection featuring some of the continent’s leading digital artists and illustrators at SEA Focus during Singapore Art Week 2022 which Run January 14-23, 2022 Entitled “NFTs: The New North Star,” Tezos is the first public blockchain to showcase such an Asian-centric NFT collection of its kind at SEA Focus and Singapore Art Week. The exhibition aims to connect and empower artists around the world through blockchain technology.

The collection was developed in collaboration with SEA Focus, a showcase of contemporary art from Southeast Asia, and with CAWA (Crypto Art Week Asia), one of the largest showcases for crypto art in the world. Centered on the theme of chance… constellations, SEA Focus is the flagship event of this year’s Singapore Art Week and will exhibit more than 150 works of art from more than 50 artists and 24 galleries from the region.

David Tng, Head of Growth at TZ APAC, said, “The usefulness of NFTs has come a long way over the past year, having impacted the art world from top to bottom. No longer limited to traditional avenues, NFTs have offered alternatives to a new generation of creatives in terms of creating, exhibiting, owning and monetizing their own work. In a diverse region that has embraced innovation head-on, we have seen strong growth within the NFT ecosystem and this Tezos powered showcase is a testament to and celebration of the exciting developments and talents that we see through it. ‘Asia. . “

David Tng, Head of Growth at TZ APAC

The collection will feature works created on the Tezos blockchain by more than 15 digital artists from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, India and Brunei, with each participating artist standing out with their own style, aesthetic and its discipline. From the nostalgic aesthetic of the ’90s comic book animated by Indonesian artist Arya Mularama to the fusion of traditional and contemporary disciplines in the ink paintings of Singaporean artist Yeo Shih Yun, the collection not only puts he emphasis on the continent’s diversity and its influences, but also on the myriad creativity that NFTs can bring to the artistic creation process.

In addition to exhibiting these works of art, TZ APAC will also host an onsite live strike showcase in the SEA Focus gallery space. The experience will allow viewers and visitors to experience first-hand the process of making an NFT, allowing them to leave the exhibition with their own one-of-a-kind generative work. The generative illustration algorithm was developed by award-winning artist radarboy3000, known for his work with international brands such as luxury goods giant Cartier, Disney, and Coca Cola. These works will be engraved on the Tezos blockchain and will be accessible through Tezos’ browser-based Kukai wallet. Users will automatically receive a wallet upon typing, created through a direct authorization connection to the social media account of their choice.

Singaporean visual artist Yeo Shih Yun said, “NFTs have radically reshaped the art world, prompting artists of all types, including myself, to question existing conventions of ownership, monetization and exposure. The Tezos ecosystem has provided me with a community and a platform on which I can freely innovate and express my profession. I am proud to celebrate this moment with other regional artists to show what NFTs can bring to the thriving artistic ecosystem in Asia.

Participating artists include Singapore-based abstract artist warrragwag; CSLIM, South Korean painter of AI and machine learning; Moon, pixel art pioneer in Malaysia; Indonesian experimental artist, multimedia designer and musician Fahmi Mursyid; and much more.

George Galanakis, Founder of CAWA, said, “With this exhibit, we aimed to highlight only some of the incredible artistry that we see emerging across Asia and into the blockchain space. These artists have risen to prominence in a notoriously competitive space, a testament not only to their individual abilities, but also to the growing recognition of the talent that exists in this region. This is just the start and ACLA is proud to support these artists as they continue to create.

Tezos is a public blockchain recognized for its open source and self-scaling platform that enables collaborative innovation in a secure and truly decentralized manner. With its comparatively energy-efficient features, Tezos uses proof of stake, allowing it to operate with minimal power consumption and a negligible carbon footprint. This has enabled Tezos to become a widely adopted blockchain of choice for a growing and diverse global community of artists, collectors and NFT builders. To date, the Tezos ecosystem is home to leading NFT projects including leading digital art platform Hic and Nunc, NFT art marketplace objkt, and many more.

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TZ APAC Supt. Ltd. (“TZ APAC”) is the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem. He designs value-added blockchain transformation strategies for businesses and creators with a bottom-up approach, working closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem. TZ APAC is supported by the Tezos Foundation and is headquartered in Singapore.

About Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA)
Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA) was founded with the vision to support artists in Asia. It aims to strengthen and forge links within the Asian artist community, and to promote Asian artists by presenting them to galleries, platforms, collectors and potential patrons. CAWA is one of the largest crypto art showcases in the world, with over 300 of the biggest names in digital art in Asia, physical exhibits in six cities and over 50 virtual galleries, as well as an incredible program of weeklong exhibitions, conferences, events, and parties.

About SEA Focus
SEA Focus is a showcase for contemporary art from Southeast Asia. It aims to bring together a selection of some of the finest galleries to foster a better appreciation of contemporary art and artists from the region. A meeting point for artistic vision and vigor, SEA Focus provides a platform to propel various cultural exchanges that celebrate, promote and provoke dialogue about Southeast Asian art. SEA Focus is an initiative led by STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

About STPI
STPI is a vibrant creative studio and contemporary art gallery based in Singapore. Founded in 2002, STPI is a non-profit organization committed to promoting artistic experimentation in the mediums of print and paper and has become one of the most avant-garde destinations for contemporary art in Asia. STPI sits alongside the National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum as part of the national visual arts cluster of the main institutions in the region.