Terror Metroid launched last week and critically acclaimed, and gamers around the world are now immersed in the depths of the planet ZDR. As with previous games, Fear rewards its players for their speed, thoroughness and tenacity. You can unlock ending rewards (as well as Chozo Archives) by beating the game under certain conditions, but it can be a bit difficult to get them all, and especially on a single save file. Follow this guide and you will be able to unlock the entire gallery in one place.

Do everything on a single backup file

The first and most important thing you need to know is that the way the game stores ending rewards and Chozo archives is a bit silly. Instead of selecting Extras from the main menu, you must first select a backup file. All rewards earned on this save file are then exclusive to it. If you unlock artwork on file 1 and some artwork on file 2, they will not be visible in the same place.

In order to get everything in one place, you need to start a new game in addition to your finished file, deleting it. The new file will keep the old rewards and you can go ahead and collect more. If you don’t want to delete the file forever, you can copy it to an empty location, giving yourself a backup before you save it to it.

Metroid Dread Ending Rewards

Terror Metroid includes a collection of artwork as ending rewards. You can unlock the art of each of the 2D games as well as Other M through various feats of speed and strength. Here are all the pictures and requirements:

Metroid: Zero Mission – Complete the game in normal mode

Metroid: Samus Returns – Complete the game in under 8 hours on normal mode

metroid dread archives chozo ending rewards

Super Metroid – Complete the game in under 4 hours on normal mode

Metroid: Other M – Complete the game on hard mode

Metroid Fusion – Complete the game in under 8 hours on Hard mode

metroid dread archives chozo ending rewards

Terror Metroid – Complete the game in under 4 hours on Hard mode

Zero Suit Samus – Unlock all other end rewards

Metroid Dread ending rewards chozo archives

Metroid Dread Chozo Archives

The Chozo Archives are a collection of images showing what happened on ZDR prior to the events of Terror Metroid. There are nine to unlock in total, one for each region. You unlock each new piece of art by collecting 100% of the items in an area. The last area of ​​the game does not contain any items, so the ninth frame unlocks when you have collected 100% of the items in all regions. You can check out the illustrations below!

metroid dread ending rewards chozo archives

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