The organizers of this year’s Bulawayo Arts Festival (BAF) 2021, to be held the first week of June, will this week announce a lineup of artists from across the country.

Organizers said the festival was in the works as it began by looking for new talent in parts of Zimbabwe such as Mutare, Plumtree, Gwanda and Victoria Falls.

The team was looking for an artist to participate in the second edition of the vibrant Young Festival from June 2 to 5. It is a “virtually physical” hybrid piece for artists and audiences inside and outside of Bulawayo.

The Covid-19 compliant live physical performances by artists in the “City of Kings” are complemented by several virtual performances by remote artists offered to the world via the Internet.

The BAF and the artists of Bulawayo face a seemingly endless pandemic, a special year with strong resilience and continued creativity, as they expect to present a dynamic presentation of art. Spent.

With a smart touch to working within the confines of Covid-19, the tour connects audiences with the artist in a whole new way.

Thanks to the good cooperation of the country’s National Arts Council offices which identified some artists and the support of representatives from various ministries, the BAF team later became active in a small town that was largely hidden until now. The acts are captured. Pandemic.

Some acts are invited to the Bulawayo Festival.

By including this raw talent, as well as the rainbow of urban music, dance, theater, comedy, poetry, visual arts, photography and fashion, the festival will come together. develops with diversity, progressiveness and inclusiveness with audiences around the world. A festive menu that offers attractive and authentic dishes.

This is a courageous step for BAF and others in this courageous new survival world of online culture.

Zimbabwe: Artist at this week’s Bulawayo Arts Festival

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